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Root canals

Root canal treatment is used to save teeth that would otherwise need to be removed. Each tooth has a center made up of blood and nerve supply. When this center is infected by infection or injury it must be removed. This procedure is done with care to make sure the tooth is completely cleaned and then filled and sealed to prevent re-infection in the future.


Our hygienists are very proud of what they do. They customize a schedule with their patients to suit the patient’s needs. The hygienist will remove calculus and plaque from all tooth surfaces as well as work to remove extrinsic staining. She will work to help keep your gums strong and healthy and your teeth strong and shiny.


When a tooth has a cavity it can be repaired with a filling. Our fillings are custom color matched to your tooth so that they blend in seamlessly. Our aim is to restore the tooth to its original shape and color to improve the overall health of your smile.


When a tooth is broken or badly damaged by decay the tooth may need to be removed to restore the mouth to optimal health. The Winnipeg dentists at Westside Dental offer us their gentle touch to make sure you recover quickly so that you may get back into your regular routine.

Crowns (caps)

When a large filling has been done on a tooth a crown can be placed over top to secure the tooth. These crowns are custom shaded and designed to blend into your smile. The result is a strong and beautiful tooth.


When you have a space between your teeth one of the options for filling it is by using a bridge. A bridge is a permanent piece that is glued onto the neighboring teeth. It is designed to blend in with your other teeth to ensure you have a beautiful smile with no gaps.

TMJ (jaw pain)

Temporomandibular joint disorder (also known as TMJ) is a chronic, degenerative disease that may take years to develop. People who suffer from TMJ put excessive pressure on the joints and surrounding tissues, twisting the jaw into an unnatural, tensed position. Often, a popping or clicking sound can actually be heard when a TMJ sufferer chews. Muscles in the face, back, neck and shoulders may also be affected, leading to symptoms that can include headaches. At Westside Dental we will discuss your treatment options that may include a nightguard or adjusting your bite.


When faced with one or more teeth missing in the mouth a full or partial denture may be just the solution you need. We work closely with the dental laboratory to ensure your denture is best designed for your needs and lifestyle.

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