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If you are facing a tooth extraction, it can feel very overwhelming. But, did you know that a tooth extraction is a very standard dental procedure? 

An extraction means to have a tooth taken out, typically due to infection, injury, or crowding. If you need a tooth extracted, a dental specialist will initially numb the region to reduce any pain. During the extraction, your dental specialist will guide you throughout the process as well as a routine to follow after the extraction.

When Is Tooth Extraction Necessary? 

For the most part, you can fix a broken tooth that is damaged by decay with a filling, crown, or similar types of treatments. However, when tooth decay is beyond repair, your dental specialist will often suggest extraction. Some of those reasons include: 

  • Decay Or infection has entered deep into the tooth 
  • Injury beyond cosmetic repair
  • There is insufficient space between your teeth

Here at Westside Dental Group, we have a full team of experienced and talented dental specialists in Winnipeg. During the consultation, your specialist will evaluate your full medical history to get some information about past and current medical conditions  to guarantee that the proper safety measures are set up for a painless and worry-free tooth extraction.

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