About WestSide Dental Group

Serving Manitoba Families For Over 15 Years

Westside Dental Group, was founded in 1996 by Dr. Matthew Ksiazkiewicz.

Dr. Matthew envisioned a Winnipeg dental practice where the patients were truly treated like family. His dental team shares his passion for making the patient feel comfortable and confident in their dental care. Dr. Matthew’s love of dentistry is reflected in the quality of his work. He treats each tooth like a work of art and customizes dental treatment to suit his patient’s every need. His promise to his patients is that he will always provide excellence in dental care using the most trusted and modern techniques.

As a leader in implant dentistry, Dr. Matthew is honored to frequently receive patient’s from other dentists in Manitoba to perform implant placement surgery. He has placed hundreds of implants and has taken countless hours of continuing education courses. His vast experience will put you at ease knowing you will receive the best possible implant care.

Westside Dental Group is proud to have Dr. Natalia as part of the office team. She is passionate about making dentistry accessible to even those who are most afraid. Her caring touch will put you at ease and her skillful technique ensures only the best possible results for her patients. Dr. Natalia understands that fear is the number one reason people don’t go to the dentist and she is determined to change that!

Together, both Dr. Matthew and Dr. Natalia are delighted to work with the most gentle and caring staff anyone could ask for. Our dental care team at Westside Dental in Winnipeg wants you to be proud and show off your smile!

Our Mission

Our approach is simple: we believe that good oral health is among our most valuable possessions.  While we meet many people when they have a concern about their teeth, our commitment is two-fold:

1. Immediate Pain Relief

Many people visit Westside Dental Group for the first time because they are experiencing tooth pain and are seeking relief.  The dentists at Westside Dental Group begin by uncovering the source of the problem: the cause of the pain.  This exam is followed by a discussion with the dentist in which a customized treatment plan is created. It will be tailored to fit your needs and lifestyle, with the goal of getting you well as quickly as possible.  Then we will set you on a course toward the next step of dental care:

2. Dental Wellness

At Westside Dental Group, our model of dental care is centered around the belief that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Together the dentists and dental hygienists work to create a plan for you to reach optimum oral health and most importantly to maintain it. Our patients at WestSide Dental enjoy regular visits to ensure their smile is healthy and to make sure we spot any problem areas if they begin to develop. We know how important a strong healthy smile is, and we are committed to keeping your smile healthy for a lifetime.

Whatever brings you to our office rest assured that we will listen to you and work to ensure you have the smile you’ve always wanted.

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