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Dental HygieneA dental hygienist is an oral health proficient who is responsible for oral care/prevention and treating oral infections. They additionally teach patients ways of improving and keeping up maintaining great dental hygiene.

What Does a Dental Hygienist Do?

Our dental hygienist works closely with our dentists to ensure your oral health by completing a few routine procedures including:
  • Looking at your teeth and gums for indications of any common issues
  • Deep cleaning and scaling your teeth
  • Applying fluoride
  • Auditing your oral health history and dental diagrams
  • Taking impressions of your teeth for dental projects
Our hygienists are trained to respond to your inquiries as a whole and make proficient, proactive recommendations to work on your dental hygiene oral care routine.

Our Dental Hygienists at West Side Dental

We’re pleased with to employ a group of extremely talented dental hygienists who provide our patients with the utmost care and consideration while providing a safe, pleasant environment in which every one of our patients’ enjoy.
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