Our teeth help us perform important functions in everyday life: eating, speaking, and smiling. Keeping them strong is a lifelong commitment. If you want to keep them healthy, there are a few snacks and drinks that you should avoid. Before you read this list, brace yourself: you will likely see some of your favourite foods mentioned below. The best way to take care of your mouth is to cut these foods out altogether, but moderation is also helpful. If you can cut back, and brush and floss regularly, your oral health will be better off for it. Without further ado, let’s get into it:


You didn’t need to read this blog to learn that sugary sweets are bad for your teeth—your parents or guardians probably repeated it to you over and over as you were growing up. Sugar will always cause trouble for teeth. Hard and chewy candies are bad news for your mouth, so resist the temptation to eat them whenever you can.

Carbonated Beverages & Sports Drinks

It’s common knowledge that sugary soft drinks are unhealthy for your teeth, but did you know that even sugarless, carbonated beverages wear away your enamel? They contain citric and phosphoric acids that are damaging. Sports drinks are another culprit of cavities. They are loaded with sugar and acid.

After you consume an acidic beverage, you might rush to the bathroom to brush the enamel-eating substances off your teeth. Since the acid makes your enamel vulnerable, it’s better to wait 30-60 minutes; otherwise, the abrasion can damage your teeth further. Rinse with water in the meantime.


This beverage is beloved by Canadians. A recent study by the Coffee Association of Canada found that 2/3 of Canadians drink one cup of coffee per day (at least). Coffee helps us feel more alert and improves our concentration. Unfortunately, it can be bad for our teeth. Not only is it an acidic beverage, but it also stains teeth. Drinking coffee dries out your mouth, which allows cavities to flourish. For the health of your mouth, consider cutting out or cutting back on coffee. If you can’t give up your morning espresso, at least try to stop adding sugar to it.

Starchy Foods

Starch products don’t always seem sugary (bread, pasta, and potato chips), but the saliva in your mouth turns starches into sugars, making them just as damaging as sweets. Those crunchy potato chips can easily get wedged between your teeth—use a string of floss to get them loose. To cut back on starches, eat more fresh vegetables.


When ice is used to cool down a drink, there’s no harm in it—the problem arises when it’s chewed. Ice can chip or crack your teeth, leading to an expensive dental emergency.

Dried Fruits

Mangoes, bananas, and apricots—they make delicious dried treats, but their chewy and sticky properties aren’t very good for your teeth. Since they’re loaded with sugar, they can quickly cause cavities.

A healthy diet will contribute to a healthy set of teeth. To make sure your oral health is in top shape, visit a dental clinic in Winnipeg. WestSide Dental Group has a team of experienced Winnipeg dentists and hygienists that can clean, treat, and repair your teeth.