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While braces are extremely durable and are manufactured to undergo a heavy amount of manipulation and force, they can break under certain conditions.

What Causes Braces to Break or Loosen?

Braces consist of many moving parts, and can break as a result of their complexity. The most popular reasons that braces have been known to break are:

  • Eating certain foods that are tough or sticky, like gum, certain meats, candy, etc
  • An unexpected mouth, gum, or tooth injury.
  • Improper brushing or flossing technique

Treatment Time

Should you damage or break your braces, there is more often than not going to be a delay in your treatment schedule. However, this will depend on the extent of the damage. If the damage is simply a loose wire or section, your orthodontist should be able to repair it quickly. If the extent of the damage is much worse than that (for example, damage to your teeth or damage beyond repair in one visit) – this can extend your treatment schedule significantly.

Do Not Try to Repair the Braces Yourself

While it may be enticing to attempt to repair your braces yourself to save cost, it is extremely important that you seek help from a professional orthodontist to avoid further (and possibly irreversible) damage to your smile down the road.

It’s extremely important to watch what and how you eat, and stay away from specific activities to protect your braces and your smile. On the off chance that, in any case, you do encounter an emergency of any kind, Westside Dental Group in Winnipeg will promptly plan an arrangement to fix your oral health issues.

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